40 Day Challenge

with ride the divide
by mannaworldwide


It all started when...

Manna Worldwide has started a 40-Day effort called Ride the Divide, where three cyclists will be ride the contential divide from Canada to Mexico in order to raise money for international missions and backpack programs here in the US. 

In conjuction with this, they proposed a 40-Day Challenge to everyone who is supporting them. So let's do it.
From June 20th, to July 31st, we will be challenged to better ourselves and those around us so that we can promote God and missionary efforts all around the world. 

If you can't think of a challenge (or you feel like you can do more), join us on our Acts in in 40 Days challenge, where we will explore what God has to tell us in the days of the early church. You can find our reading plan for that below. For daily reminders of our passages, follow us on Instagram and turn on post notifications.

And for more updates on Ride the Divide and how OASIS is participating, visit Our Facebook Page and
Ride The Divide's Facebook Page!


Acts in 40 Days