Manna Worldwide is a Christian organization that focuses on caring for impoverished children around the world. They are strategically fighting the GLOBAL GIANTS of DISEASE, POVERTY, ILLITERACY, and SPIRITUAL EMPTINESS.
Oasis Manna Feeding Center in Ciudad Quetzal, Guatemala is celebrating 5 years, January 2016! We are feeding, both spiritually and physically, 90 kids 5 days a week! The Manna Feeding Center is a part of Manna Worldwide.  The church that is a part of our feeding center now averages over 120 in attendance each week in an area desperate for Jesus Christ. 
Oasis Manna Feeding Center in Haiti. In 2015, we took on the building of a new feeding center in the island country of Haiti! The need in Haiti is great for nutrition, medical care, education and spiritual growth. We are now feeding around 94 kids 5 days a week! Oasis is looking forward to giving the children of Haiti hope, through our Manna Feeding Center and Church with Manna Worldwide.

Sponsoring to feed a child is easy. Simply select Manna when giving online to Oasis or mark Manna on your Oasis Giving envelope. Throughout the year, Oasis takes Missions Trips to the Feeding Centers. If you have the opportunity to go on one of these trips, you will truly be blessed. 

MANNATHON is Oasis fundraiser event for Manna Worldwide.
We are looking forward to MANNATHON 2017 next October!

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