Perspective to be Thankful

When you experience a something new, whether it be from God, church or even a company; we tend to make a judgement call on how we feel after the experience now. We forget the feeling of something being new, which tends to allow blinds to be experienced in some manner. In order to keep a perspective of thankfulness we have to talk about two things. The first being our experience of something new and developing blinders, and the second being our lack of effort to hold on to truth that helps us keep our perspective. 

With a product our blinders could keep us from realizing what a product does not do. We focus on the fact that our life is or was better with initial interaction. But after a while the newness is lost, and we tend to want to be settled with how our needs were met with familiarity. Newness starts to get to get lost with complaining. When we do this with God, we are reminded of the Israelites complaints in the wilderness that displeased God, which is found in Numbers 11:1-6. 

What area of your life are you still looking at with blinders?

When we get caught up in this moment of things we may want but do not need, we’ve lost a certain perspective on being thankful; which is rooted in a lock of truth in our life. We are easily distracted by what we do not have and someone else has around us, which causes us to miss God’s provision. Just as the Israelites grew tiered of eating manna for forty years, they lost sight that God had miraculously filled a need for them to be able to continue to live. The forgot that they were being fed and desired to focus on the product rather than the person of God. 

This perspective of God is crucial to maintain life that pleases God. Two things that God’s provision do is show Him to faithful and trust-worthy. 

God is the only one who can prove Himself to be faithful to do what He promises to do. He saves us from ourselves and leads us to experience the truth of who He is. This takes patience and effort on our part which will end up giving us the opportunity to call Him to trust-worthy. In other words, He has earned the right to be trusted as faithful. 

This path of accepting Him as faithful and trust-worthy will allow us to keep our focus on the person of Christ and not the product of which He gives. 

Matthew Henry’s truthful experience of being robbed was rooted in him being…

  • thankful he was not robbed by the same man before
  • thankful he was still alive
  • thankful he wasn’t the on who robbed