Storybook Christmas - Week 1

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Every single one of us have a Christmas experience that helps express who we are. Around the holidays the natural flow of conversation usually hits around the question “What are you doing for Christmas?” Like most conversation starters, we share our experiences and expectations. When we answer this question we first we express what we identify as the focus of our Christmas story, and secondly we are hopefully being an encouragement for someone else to share or start their Christmas story. So before we express that we’re just going to spend time with family, we should probably know what our story is. 

What is Your Story
To identify what your Christmas story is, you need to understand what you’re eyes are focused on. In the garden of Eden, Eve did not start to be enticed to consume the forbid fruit, until she started looking at it. There is something about what we see that influences our actions and desires to obtain something. If we are not focused on Jesus by knowing His word and who He is, all that is left, is to live in sin. 

Who is Jesus? Read Colossians 1:15-20

Whether your starting a new life with Jesus or re-focusing on Him we must first realize that sin requires a payment. We love and rejoice in the fact that we don’t have to make that payment, but when we understand the sacrifice of God as we read John 3:16  we see God’s love expressed by choice, not a dictated action. Love can only be equated out of actions that stems from a choice. Actions of love that our driven by the gospel cause us to focus on people. While we’re focused on people we hope to get the possibility to share our story. 

Share Your Story
When we’re given the opportunity to share what we do with our families and friends for Christmas, we give people a birds eye view of our life and hopefully intrigue them to question of “why”. As we answer this question we should not lead someone to think that we’ve earned some good things and just want share them a little, but that we understand we were truly enemies of God despite the few kind actions we may have done for people. Because all the actions that God has done has be focused on people. 

All of God’s actions are focused on people. Read Romans 5:8

It’s not that the Christmas time of the story of our lives should hint around sharing with others; but that our lives are driven around believing and acting that we can help others see the need for Jesus, before they know they need Jesus. 

God is the ultimate writer of the story of our lives, but through people who believe and focus on Him, He allows outsiders, unbelievers and broken people to be impacted by His story of Christmas.