Storybook Christmas - Week 3

This blog is inspired and a focus of the message
Storybook Christmas Part 3
of Pastor Bradley Speer.
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As we celebrate Christmas, it seems that each year there’s a new element introduced as we grow to know more people, and experience more people coming to know Christ in our churches. But there’s a celebration that still fathoms our minds, and it’s picturing the birth of Christ in Luke chapter two. Besides the wisemen following a star which brought them to Jesus, there were thousands of angels praising God in unison saying “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased”. 

Moments like these are usually described in visions seen in heaven; both John and Isaiah described a host singing “holy, holy, holy is the Lord.” The celebration of Jesus on earth was so extravagant, our attention could be lead to wonder what it will be like in Heaven. 

We have a very limited perspective to imagine heaven, since we can only use what we have seen and experienced. But one thing we know is it will be a place that will be prepared in advance. 

John 14:2-3

The best moments that we tend to experience on earth are moments that were prepared for us. For example, when we walk into our reserved hotel room for a vacation, or a selected room of a relative that knew we were coming, we can’t help but feel the thought and care as we know we are not just accepted, but wanted. John describes the preparations of heaven as a bride preparing to be presented to her husband. 

As a husband myself, I will never forget the emotion and view of seeing my bride for the first time, as she prepared to let me be her husband. 

John declares that the gates will be made of an individual pearl, and that the streets will be made of gold (Revelation 21:21). 

The best thing about heaven is that Jesus proclaims to the disciples that they “know the way.” (John 14:4). There wasn’t a fiscal dollar amount to be paid, a particular blood line to be a part of, or life long tasks of rituals you had to complete in order to be told the way. It is simply the belief that Jesus is who He says He is; the source of true joy, peace and love. 

John 14:1-6

As we prepare our hearts to trust in Jesus for the first time or for bigger steps of faith, we will find ourselves with a contagious perspective of life. That perspective is to know that Christmas is not a slogan (Merry Christmas), but a lifestyle to live as though Christmas is always tomorrow for those who know Jesus. 

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