Next Steps

This blog is inspired and a focus of the message
Next Steps by Pastor Bradley Speer. 
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Our next steps in following Christ, should lead us to our goal of being fulfilled in Christ. This presents the grand question of what does that look like to be fulfilled in Christ? 

Fulfilled in Christ
To be fully satisfied with Christ is hard work and is a continual path to follow.  In Paul’s letter the Philippian church, he expresses his focus to press on through his thirty plus years of following Jesus. He presses on with a desire to make Christ his own, because Christ has already made him his own. 

Philippians 3:12; 1 Corinthians 6:20; 7:23 

Discerning Steps
Do you understand that you are a servant to something or someone in this life, regardless of your position on this earth? 

To lead a life that is satisfied in Christ, is to press on with the drive to leave what lies behind. The things that were left behind never glorified Christ, because we never had the mind of Christ to live through. 

Philippians 3:14-15; Romans 12:2
By renewing your mind you will be able to discern a life that follows Christ and will be welcoming to others who accept His will.  If Jesus is Lord than your next steps should mirror actions of Jesus. Jesus had community, Jesus served and Jesus taught individuals about the kingdom of God. 

Be Better
A key element to pressing on for Christ, is to remember that your next steps will never be complete until that great day that Jesus separates us from this earth to brings us into His glory. Which means as we press on to live a life that causes us to be better for Jesus today than we were yesterday, and prepares us to be better tomorrow than we are today. This is a perpetual cycle of continuity, we continue to be stronger in our faith that we have in Jesus Christ.