This blog is inspired and a focus of the message
 by Pastor Bradley Speer.
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There is a question that every Christian needs to know how to answer; that question is Why does the church gather? Through God’s word we find that His people are to live a life that reflects our worship and adoration of God through the life of Jesus Christ. Secondly we edify each other by building up and encouraging each other to take steps of action that rely on our faith in Jesus Christ. And lastly we should live a life that is so compelling it brings other people to be together because of God’s word and love for us. 

In the weeks to come Pastor Brad will dig deeper into these different aspects of church. This last weekend Pastor Brad focused on the church being mindful of reaching other people. 

Jesus said Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters (Matthew 12:30). The argument could be made that people do not make decisions that are focused on pulling people into the church. This perspective solidifies that if you do not care to bring people in, you are content with leaving people scattered far from God’s word and love, that He wants to express to people. 

Read 1 Timothy 2:4
Do you approach people with the joy of God wanting them to accept His love & His word?

To see people though God’s eyes we have to be willing to conform to His Word and call on our life to reach people. 

Read Romans 12:2
Our willingness to change our lifestyle is for the purpose of making the gospel accessible to more people. We change to grow in maturity for Christ. 
What is one thing you can change that will bring the gospel to someone else? (We are changed by conforming to His word.) 

In the interaction between Zaccheus and Jesus, Jesus said that He came to seek those who were lost and needed a doctor. One key element of being rescued, is that people always acknowledge need of needing to be rescued. The same goes for us as we come to follow Jesus and conform to His word; we accept and know we needed a doctor or Savior to rescue us. 

As we, the church, experience people accept God’s calling; we tend to forget one huge element. That element is relying on the Spirit. In that same passage of Jesus setting the standard for being with Him, He said therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy, will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven (Matthew 12:31). If we are not mindful enough to know and trust the Spirit of God to move though the church to allow us to move in unity for the cause of His gospel, we need to check if our foundation is in Jesus at all. 

As we accept this process of God using people buy listening to His Word and the Spirit, we will have the trust and ability of the Spirit to show the faults that are in us and also the world. 

Read John 16:8
Where is limits of us holding each other accountable and needing the Spirit to convict and initiate change in us and the world? 

Identifying this line should not give off the impression to stand by idly, while people live out the passions of their flesh, but strengthen us to be a witness and example to the world

Read John 14:26-27
Who is hearing the gospel because of you?