Oasis desires to Reach people for God and Together take Next Steps with Christ. In order for people to take their next steps with Christ, there is a very significant element that a community of believers must do, and that is to reproduce themselves. This element requires a believer to acknowledge four other perspectives, the guest, the infant, the child and the adolescent. All four of these perspectives require uniqueresponses, but come from one goal. 

The guest is someone involved in your life, that for whatever reason they do not know or believe in Jesus. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus told the disciples to go and make disciples, which involves us, who believe in Jesus, to introduce people and welcome them to accept God’s love that He gives through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The next three seats at the table rely on someone who will continuously teach them the commandments of God. 

Infants need constant attention from someone who is willing to raise them up. This takes patience and endurance to continue to pour into someone’s life, and guide them through the words of Jesus. Remember, infants need someone to bring them to the table. They are truly dependent for survival. 

The child has experienced some growth, they at least know where to go for food and strength, and they can come on the their own will, but need to still be encouraged of when and where to go. 

The adolescents chair is someone who understands the basics of faith, and will still struggle to keep their life reflecting their love and devotion to Jesus. They also are trying to find their place where they feel needed and appreciated.  

The parent, or mature believer, at the table has one key element that allows them to focus on the goal which is to make disciples out of the other positions represented. It is their ability to realize the immaturity in those around them and want to challenge and teach them to be mature in Christ. This process and focus of making disciples keeps us from just getting upset and expressing anger and disapproval of action. It truly acts as a check and balance for us as we conduct our life around those whom God has placed around us, for His glory. 

Remember that all of life and creation has always had the purpose ofshowing His glory.