Jesus Interrupted 1

This blog is inspired and a focus of the message
Series Jesus Interrupted by Pastor Bradley Speer. 
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When someone of importance and power gets interrupted, we tend to hold on to our seats to see the reaction. We all expect a flex of power in some way and deep down we want to see power used that we wish we had. If you don’t believe it, then think about the last time you had a thought or an idea that started with “if I was in charge” and ended with a totally different idea, or maybe the idea was great to begin with and you just wanted to feel the positive energy of being able to lead successfully.  When we see Jesus being interrupted or requested to interrupt His schedule to some save a life, we are refusing to relinquish all power and leadership over to Him.


Read John 11:21

Are you allowing Jesus to show His power to you on His terms or yours?


If we pull anything from the interaction of Jesus and His interruption with Judas in the garden, it can be summed up with these three statements that Pastor Brad expressed on Sunday. First Jesus has time for your interruption. The time that Jesus gives up for you is never wasted. We can know this is true not just because of the words of Paul that express “that for those who love God all things work together for good”, but also with the actions of Jesus that follow the betrayal of Judas which leads to the second statement. Jesus desires to use your interruption. Only Jesus can take an impossible situation and turn the outcome to what looks improbable. The last part of Paul’s statement expressing all things working together for good is “for those who are called according to his purpose.”  This is understood when we accept that all of creation was made for His glory and nothing else and everything we go through is leading us to the fact that there is no interruption that is too big for Jesus. So then understand, Jesus can overcome your interruption.


So what are you trying to interrupt Jesus with, and how has He responded to you with His word?

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