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Come to Church with Me by Pastor Bradley Speer. 
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The full picture of Passion Week is an intriguing path of celebration that transitions into a trial and crucifixion. The people of Jerusalem cheer and celebrate Jesus with honor as He enters the city on a colt and is allowed to ride over palm branches that were cut to honor Him as they chant “Hosanna”. Interestingly enough Hosanna translates “save me” which gives total acknowledgment of a need for a Savior.  This proclamation only expresses a thought process of the people believing they have mis-tilting Jesus as the week proceeds to play out. They do everything that reflects a placement of honor and trust to Jesus as Lord, and then call for His life as a criminal, to re-cant their prior claim of Jesus being the Savior. 

Waking up every day we need to take our thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5).
How do you, achieve this process?

Give Him a Title/ Using Words

Accepting the call of Jesus as Hosanna (Savior), allows us to see God working to draw people to Him. God draws people through a process of witnessing and scattering. The key element of witnessing is only achieved by people testifying of what they know. They must know God’s word and most of all know and experience the joy that comes from God when you title Jesus the only Lord and Savior of the world. 

 Acts 8:26-40

God’s power spreads through out the world as witnesses simply scatter to proclaim who God is. When you think of the word scatter, you might think of random placement or being placed in an unknown location, but to God there it is not random and He will always know exactly where you are. 

Read Acts 8:4. What can you gather as the focus of the people mentioned in this verse? 

The definition of a missionary has been encapsulated to someone leaving home for gospel, but it is truly someone living where they are and on mission for the gospel. It has been said that we are to proclaim the gospel and when necessary use words. But the gospel always needs words to come along those actions of you living the gospel. 

 Read the words of Paul that describe someone coming to Christ and living on mission because they have come to Christ. 

Romans 10:9-17

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Pray God would strengthen your witness of you know and experience, so you may be scattered to share it.