This blog is inspired and a focus from the series Peace by Piece by Pastor Bradley Speer. Click below this entry to watch & listen to his last message and read the select passages.

Submission seems to be a concept that is denied or rejected in our culture. We tend to associate weakness, out of any other characteristic, to the act of submitting. When the truth is we all need submission inside of our life. When we don't submit as child you would of been labeled a problem-child, because without submission we can't follow the simplest of instructions. 

So what do you submit to?  

If we were to take a full look at things we submit to, we would find out two things, what we love and what we gave. 

Pastor Brad expressed the action and definition of submission as, one who is willing to give up their rights. This act is based off of giving. But not so much of the simple act of giving but the value you have on something or someone and the willingness to sacrifice or give up something or someone else. The value of an items and relationships that, are set very quickly when it comes to what we give up for them. Take the thought of life as an example. Everyone who has a job, will submit to that job in order to sustain their life with food and shelter, and whatever else we deem important. Submitting is unavoidable, so why do we reject it so much. 

Seeing that submission leads to giving, it easy to bring love into the picture and make an inseparable accord between submission, giving and love. The connection of love, is identifying you can not love something or someone without giving. So many people verbally express love based off what they have received, and yes it true that love is involved when they receive something, but that love is not from them, it's given towards them. Their amount of love is yet to be determined until their act of giving is accounted for. 

The first couple words in the most famous verse in the Bible express God's example of love with these words, "God so loved the world that He gave..." (John 3:16).   

So the next time you need to discern your willingness to submit, ask yourself if it aligns your life and faith to love God and to give Him what He has asked of us. 

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