The Path

This blog is inspired and a focus from the series Peace by Piece by Pastor Bradley Speer. Click here to watch & listen to his last message.

There are a lot of paths available to be chosen in life. In the month of May, we all probably have a spread of graduation celebrations from college to high school bombarding our social feeds. These individuals are at the initiating point of picking a path, of where their life will continue. We can probably all recall a moment in time, when we had a decision to make, that would change the path of our life. But there is one question that we can ask, in order to keep Jesus at our focus so we can experience His peace. The question is, "can I choose this path and be in Christ, and still be blameless and glorify His name?"

 So what do you think is involved in that kind of path?

The path should make us alive.

The path should also bring us together with others in Christ, whether they know Him or come to accept Him.  (Accepted, holy, redemption)