I believe marriage to be the best relationship someone can have while living on this earth. The trust, support and experience that comes from a marriage is truly intoxicating. Some people may say and think all roads lead to Rome, when it comes to defining and experiencing a successful marriage but that is simply not the case. For a marriage to have intoxicating trust, support and overall experience there is one path for the husband and another path for the wife that must be followed (Genesis 2:23-24). Each of these paths can be discovered and followed by one unique question for a wife and a husband, along with knowing that all things come from God.  

The Woman's Path
I would like to preference this question with the statement that Pastor Brad made in his message (June 5, 2016). Women have independent thoughts and feelings and are fully competent. Applying the biblical structure of marriage does not negate the expression of these thoughts and feelings. When a woman follows God's Word in her marriage, she does not lose those independent attributes, she merely filters they she communicates them to her husband, in order to be supportive. The question that leads to a wife's path in marriage is how do wives submit to their husbands? 

God has set up the structure of marriage and given women the role of being the only compatible helpmate for a man to have. Although a woman's position in God's plan is not the primary position of the house, it is their position that highlights the man's role. I would say without women there would not be much if anything to highlight. I know from my own marriage experience my wife's encouragement plays the role of reassurance. She pulls and pushes me to be better, especially when I let her to what is going on. 

The Man's Path
The man's path is can feel overwhelming at times, but regardless of all the things that a man may deal with, his question comes down to a simple concept. Which is, how have you loved you wife? As men we can fall into the trap that equates the amount of money we earn, to how much love we can show our families, although it is a part of how we love it is not the way of how we love. As we expressed in a recent blog entry as well as from scripture, your giving is tied directly to what you love, but it's the focus of where you give and reflect that shares your feeling of love. 

Do you give attention to your wife to show that you love her, or do you just share time with your wife doing things that you love. Maybe she cooked your favorite dish or watches the style of movies you like to watch every time you go to the theater. That is not the foundation in which you love her. As a husband I am to love wife for who she is, not what she does. 

There is plenty more to be said about these questions, and Pastor Bradley did a great job communicating this topic. 

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