God Swap

When you read the first chapter of Jeremiah, you see a bold statement of God desiring to call out to people and wanting to use people in order to do it. In His statement, God makes it very clear that he does not work from a position of problem solving, but from a designed blue print plan (Jeremiah 1:5-8). 

From our perspective we should not just assume everything we think, say and do is to be a part of God’s call on our life. Maybe more often than not, we commit actions that do not reflect submission to His message or the expression of His love that comes from His message. That is when the god swap happens. 

Jesus explains that we will either be devoted to God or to the pursuit of what we hold as treasure (Luke 16:10-13).  So rather than our desire being that follow God’s word with our life we neglect His call and change who our God is (Jeremiah 2:11-12; Jeremiah 2:27-28). 

With this swap, is a lack of fear of who God is, our Creator God, who sustains us (Jeremiah 3:3-5). When we arrive to this conclusion we make it very easy for us to get confused on how God works and rather than returning to Him we blame Him for our circumstances because our desires are not fulfilled. During this time He desires for us to return to Him (Jeremiah 3:22).